"no original sin in here unless you have permit"

Take me down
To the pesticide city
Where the bugs are dead
And the people are dead.

tip for if you're bored: go into a random big discord, pick an online user from the member list, and @ them. immediately delete your message. watch carnage unfold

Everybody has that one uncle named dilford brenton who is perpetually trapped in the 1700's due to a curse he found in an old book

the groundswell of support biden because he is the most likely to win because we said so has begun

that's me in the corner
that's me in the spotlight
that's me in the combination corner/spotlight

Working as event facilitation for my old high school's graduation ceremony what is my life

i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

switching back to knzk for a while just to fuck up any possible archiving that garf nerd might try.

*implying there is any content on this account*

admins tell us your least favourite users on your instance

"hating on popular things doesn't make you cool" BULLSHIT it totally fucking does. Go back to watching gambo thrones or whatever marvel is putting out while I shit on it like an elite

making a website then deleting it and linking to the wayback machine to save money on hosting

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